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It's been about 2½ months since we gave this Jeep to our kiddo. He was completely mesmerized at first sight! We have used it about 3-4x/month and it's been working great! There's a few parks here with walking trails that are wide enough for 2-way traffic, even with this little truck plowing down the path. We did load music onto a thumb drive and " click learn more.


Great product at this price! Comparable brands are close to $200 more. Anyway, Super fun toy for toddlers! Although it says 3yrs and up, my 18 month old loves it!! And with the parent remote there’s no concern over them getting outta control as long as you’re paying attention. Please note that the wheels come separately and with an undisclosed tracking number.

Misss Kayyyte

I have been reviewing ride on cars since March , So I looked through every single Jeep out there trying to find the best for my money , I stumbled upon this Jeep and I took a shot and ordered it to my surprise it is absolutely awesome my daughter loves it and all the bells and whistles makes it amazing , the Jeep came with everything , even the wheels so that made me even more confident.

Michael Walsh

Love how durable it is . Having a remote that overrides the driver is wonderful. My 4 year old loves it and so does he almost 2 year old brother. Love that it has lights for when it gets dark. The only thing that was frustrating was it comes in 2 boxes . Her car was in the our shop (living room) on cinder blocks waiting for the wheels that didn't come till a week later. The car itself is worth the money and wait.

sherry kobel

My husband and his brother assembled the jeep together in a hour. I believe my husband is more excited about the jeep because, of the sound of the jeep when he turns it on. I feel so sorry for our 2 year old son because, his dad may take over his jeep. I like the price, the shipping and how the jeep seems will built. I greatly appreciate the quick response back from the seller on a question that I emailed.

Jane Howell

Our son absolutely loves this jeep, I’d agree where they can adjust the instructions we found a video on YouTube and followed that till we noticed it didn’t show how to attach the front bumper. It has 3 speeds and we love that we can control it with a remote so we don’t have to worry about him crashing into things because we can quickly control it ourselves with the remote.


Husband had it together in about hour an half, didnt complain much so that's first plus. like that it has different speed adjustments and reverse. use remote for two year old and he just laughs the whole time!

Grandkids 3 and 4 understand controls. goes pretty long on a charge.

Have had no problems hubby always makes me disconnect battery after use.


I would just like to say that I'm totally blown away by the value of this jeep. It is very well built and you can tell it was made to last. It comes with 2 motors for the back wheels and a motor for the steering column which is used to remotely steer the truck. Just an amazing product for such a great price. My son loves it and so does his dad. Thanks guys for such a high quality product. Kuddos.


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