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FREE SHIPPING on ALL Orders!- 6% OFF Use Code:6outtoy

Verified Purchase Review from CBMeil

It's been about 2½ months since we gave this Jeep to our kiddo. He was completely mesmerized at first sight! We have used it about 3-4x/month and it's been working great! There's a few parks here with walking trails that are wide enough for 2-way traffic, even with this little truck plowing down the path. We did load music onto a thumb drive and -- even though it was expected to work -- we still nerded out about how cool it was to get it to play a metal rendition of "Wheels on the Bus" 🤣 You can literally play whatever you want on it! We get about 2½ hours of driving out of it going medium speed with music playing when out on the walking trails. I can't say how much the lights and going the fastest speed would change the length of play.

The only thing I wish were better on it is the seatbelt. The one it has is a bit awkward... the kids have to get their legs through the bottom part of it and whether you buckle it high or low, it's just... awkward! The shoulder straps don't stay on the shoulders, either. So, I really wish it just had a standard lap belt (if it *has to* have one at all). But other than that, we really can't complain :) Buy one for your kid already!

Well, this little jeep turned out just as I had hoped! It's Christmas Eve and I can hardly wait to see my son's face tomorrow morning when he sees it parked next to the tree. Assembly-wise, it felt like buying something from IKEA 🤣 The instructions are in broken English and I do think that slowed me down a little bit. I took my time putting it together because I hate having to do anything twice! So, about 2.5 hours for me.

I went with this particular jeep-ish ride-on SUV because I thought it was a good value for the price. It has a lot of fun features that mine certainly didn't have back in 1988-91. (My camo jeep was still epic!) Features that sold me were:
• spring suspension
• push-button start
• functional steering wheel buttons
• stereo that is capable of playing whatever music you want via aux or usb
• functional headlights, taillights, and illuminated dash
• parent controller (hello!! Who doesn't want to play with a giant RC car?!)

I also got personalized license plates from a different vendor. My son will be 3 next month and won't realize that the plates have his nickname on them, but he will appreciate the authenticity that they add to his SUV. As you can see in my picture of the back of the SUV, there isn't enough room to mount the license plate to the rear bumper. Fortunately, the star on the back is just a sticker and came off very easily. No mess. I then used a drill gun to make tiny pilot holes and then mounted the plate just above the rear bumper. I think it looks just fine.

Now to get myself a matching Jeep!

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